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Who We Are

    Since the industries business were growing fast and continually, Dhawath Technology Systems Co., Ltd is the designer and producer of the High Technology for the Industrial Machineries to support the all of  Foods, Medicines and Cosmetics business. And we have been developing continuedly to fully services and supporting the business to make the customers satisfaction.


    Dhawath Technology Systems Co., Ltd is the world leader for Innovation of Engineering processes and machineries. Our services have fulling covered to Designing and Producing of a Large Industrial Stainless Silos, Large Stainless Tanks, Pneumatic Conveyers, Power Mixer for Powder, Liquid and Solid maters. We design and produce the Automatic Control Systems for fully Mixing and Pneumatic.


   Dhawath Technology Systems Co., Ltd has a Good Technical & Engineer Teams to fully support the businesses on consulting ,Initiating and  Producing and Installing all of the Large and Heavy Machineries at customer factories.


As our High Experiences, we are confidante by many customers: Foods, Medicines, Cosmetics, Pet Foods, Plastics  etc.


   We are highly committing to all customers that we will continues developing our services and products to meet all customers enquiry and satisfactions in present and future.

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