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Dhawath Technology Systems Co., Ltd

    Our company is a leading full-service engineering company from the design and construction of stainless steel silos, tanks, pneumatic discharge systems, mixers and batching systems, piping and automation systems. We have a team of engineers ready to give advice, manufacture and install heavy machinery in industrial plants. Ready to provide complete after-sales service. Based on our work and reputation for high quality standards, we have earned the trust of customers from various industrial factories such as food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, animal feed, plastic and others. We are ready to Committed to continuous improvement in response to the growth of customers and expansion of demand in the industry
Food now and in the future

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Product Line

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file 4.1 Instant Noodle production Line.jpg
file 4.2 Dry Noodle Production Line.jpg

Instant Noodle production Line

Dry Noodle
Production Line

file 4.3 Fresh Noodle Production Line.jpg

Fresh Noodle
Production Line

file 4.4 Extruding Production Line.jpg

Production Line



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